Logo - Pittsville Public School District
Logo - Pittsville Public School District
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Pittsville Elementary School PTO


PTO Officers:
Amy Bartlett, President
Nikki Rademan, Vice President

Jenny Bowden, Treasurer
Jana Kissinger, Secretary


Please contact the PTO if you would like to join, attend meetings, volunteer, receive PTO updates, etc.


Contact us at pto@pittsville.k12.wi.us

PTO Calendar of Events (Will be updated soon)



PTO Minutes:

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Scrip Information:

What is SCRIP?

It allows non-profit organizations like the PTO to buy gift cards at a discounted rate and sell them for full face value.  The difference is the school makes profit from selling the gift cards. The scrip program we use is Great Lakes Scrip Center (https://www.shopwithscrip.com/)

There is a link at the bottom of their website called Retailer List, you can click on that for the full list of retailers you can buy scrip from.  

How to place an order for SCRIP?

1)    Print out the scrip form found on the PTO website: http://www.pittsville.k12.wi.us/pto.cfm, fill it out, place it in a sealed envelope along with your payment, and place it in the SCRIP locked box in the elementary school office.  

2)    Place your order right on the Great Lakes Scrip Center website (https://www.shopwithscrip.com/ ) and then place your payment in the SCRIP locked box.  You will first need to register on the website and will need an enrollment code to do so.  You can send an email to pesscrip@pittsville.k12.wi.us asking for the code and we will send it to you.  Please do not share this code with anyone, we don’t want any fraudulent activities to happen to our account.  *At the top of their website click on the Register button, on the next screen click Join a Scrip Program and follow the directions.  I will go in and approve your order once we receive your payment. Please include a note with your payment of how you would like your cards delivered. For example, you might want them given to your child or you may prefer to pick up in the school office. If we don’t receive a note, we will send your cards home with your oldest child.  

3)    PrestoPay: you can order and pay for your scrip online all at once. When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via ACH electronic debit. You won’t have to drop off­ any more checks! A small, $0.15 charge will be added each time you checkout with PrestoPay. You will also need to have a family account.  If you don’t have one, you will need to register first.  *Please look at the second option above on how to register. Once you have a family account, you can enroll in PrestoPay. To enroll in PrestoPay you’ll need your bank account number and routing number, along with the account holder information. Once you submit those, in 1-2 days we’ll make two small deposits in the account for verification. Log back in and enter those two small amounts to receive an approval code to send to your coordinator. PrestoPay will be activated for your account once the coordinator approves you.  No Credit Cards are accepted.  The gift cards will still come to the school and will need to be picked up in the elementary school office or can be sent home with your child.  Please send an email to pesscrip@pittsville.k12.wi.us telling us how you would like to receive your order. Again, we can send your order home with your child or you can pick it up in the school office.  If we do not receive an email, we will send the order home with your oldest child.

We will place and approve orders on a weekly basis.  You can place your order online or drop it off in the SCRIP locked box on any school day.  We will collect and place orders on Thursday mornings. We will receive the orders on Tuesdays. Your order will be ready in the school office after school or be sent home with your child on Tuesdays.


Checks need to be made out to Pittsville PTO Inc.  Cash is also accepted.

To place your order, print off the scrip form, fill it out along with your check and drop it off in the locked box in the office.  
Click Here to check out the Great Lakes Scrip Center website for many additional choices of gift cards you can purchase!

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