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Logo - Pittsville Public School District
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What is PBIS?
We, the administration, staff, and students of the Pittsville School District, commit ourselves to working together to provide a positive, safe, and predictable school environment that encourages learning, cooperation, and respect. Improving student academic and behavior outcomes is about making sure all students have access to the most effective instructional and behavioral practices and interventions possible. 
To help us in this, we have adopted a behavior matrix (PBIS) for our District that will : place the highest value on academic, social, and personal success; strive for proactive and safe learning and teaching environments; foster partnerships with students, families, and communities; and emphasize what works.
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies; it is also known as SWPBS, School Wide Positive Behavior Strategies. It is a proactive approach to teaching expected behaviors. We have created a Behavior Matrix listing these behaviors and their definitions. Our matrix was developed by a team of staff members listing specific outcomes and expectations for our District. It shows what expected behaviors in various environments look and sound like. We will use these guides to teach our staff and students our District’s expectations, providing a positive and safe learning environment for all. You will find a copy of this matrix in our student handbooks, in the high school planner, and newsletters through out the year.
If you have access to the Internet you can find videos and additional text about PBIS, its history and expectations, by Googling PBIS. You will find links there that will give you information about PBIS (SWPBS) for the state of Wisconsin (DPI) as well as national links.
We are excited about creating a more positive and proactive approach to teaching expectations for behaviors that will create a safe and positive learning environment for all. As we begin this journey together, your children will learn social skills that will help them throughout their lives. Be sure to ask them what they learned at school each day and watch for improved behaviors.
Additional information can be received from any of the PBIS coaches and team members.
Coaches: JoAnn Sondelski, Paula Bisek, Janice Hiles, John Olig, RaeAnn Leonhardt
Team members: Deb Palmer, Rebecca Coon, Bonnie Hedstrom, Heidi Sischo, Marlis Downs, Sara Freedlund