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Account Balance Information
Accounts below $25.00 will be notified weekly through the SchoolMessenger notification system.  The notice explains that your family food service funds are running low and money should be added as soon as possible.
If a family account gets below zero, a notice will be sent out stating if the amount due is not paid in three working days, your children will no longer be able to participate in the breakfast and/or lunch program. If no money is received, a note will go home explaining the account is closed and Pittsville Schools will no longer be providing breakfast, lunch, or milk. It is then the parent’s responsibility to provide their child with a lunch from home. Once money is added, your children may again participate in the school’s food service programs.
Here are a few tips to insure your family food service account is up-to-date and in good standing.
·   Check with your answering machines, cell phones and email (depending on which services you opted for) to see if your family received a SchoolMessenger notice concerning a low lunch balance. 
·   If you received a notice, please send payment as soon as possible. 
·   When sending in a payment, please include your family name and amount sent.
View your family account online through Skyward Family Access. If you have any questions, please contact Joe Dostal at 715-884-2517.
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