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Free/Reduced Meal Application
Your children may qualify for free milk, free meals, or reduced price meals. To apply for this USDA program, complete a Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application Form. Use one application for all students in your household. Be sure to fill out all required information and return the application to Joe Dostal, Food Service Director, 5459 Elementary Avenue, Suite 1, Pittsville, WI 54466. If you have not received an application in the mail, please contact the District Office at 715-884-6694.
The free or reduced lunch program not only benefits families but it also helps your school in many ways. More families on the program will generate more financial aid for the following areas:
  • SAGE: This program sends us aid to help maintain a small classroom size for grades K-3
  • Title I: This program allows us to give extra one-on-one help to students who struggle with reading and math. This program also helps support the after-school homework room
  • Erate: This program helps pay for a portion of our internet access.
As you can see, the free or reduced lunch program can benefit both your family and your school. Please apply for free or reduced lunch at Pittsville Schools. Your application is completely confidential. The only people who know your family is receiving free or reduced meals are the people that need to know. All information stays at Pittsville schools unless you direct otherwise.