Name Title Email Phone Web site
Abel, Michelle Library Media Specialist (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x131 Web site
Anderson, Alyssa Family and Consumers Sciences (MS & HS) Email 715-884-6412 x431 Web site
Andres, Matthew Director of Food Service Email 715-884-5220 x121 Web site
Ashbeck, Cheryl LMC Assistant (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x425 Web site
Becker, Tabitha Director of Child Day Care (ES) Email 715-884-5240 x101 Web site
Bertino, Nick Instrumental Music (HS & ES) Email 715-884-2517 x220 Web site
Blaser, Kristin 3rd Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x105 Web site
Brogan, Marla Teaching Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517
Coulthard, Mckenna Child Care Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x102
Denniston, Lisa 4th-5th Grade/Math (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x150 Web site
Denniston, Mark Science (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x437 Web site
Dibble, Charles Custodian (ES) Email 715-884-6694
Downs, John Social Studies (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x407 Web site
Downs, Marlis Mathematics (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x421 Web site
Downs, Sarah Child Care Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x102
Duerr, Jeremy School Resource Officer (PSD) Email 715-884-6412 x403
Elwood, Lori Teaching Assistant (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x434
Figueroa, Rodney Superintendent Email 715-884-5222 x215 Web site
Fox, Kimberly High School Secretary Email 715-884-6412 (401)
Fox, Terri Cook (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x429
Frericks, Joan Reading Interventionist/Music K-1 (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x252 Web site
Friday, Heather Principal (ES) Email 715-884-5219 x144 Web site
Galvan, Andrea Teaching Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x153
Garrels, Karen Elementary Secretary (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x142 Web site
Giles, Dan Director of Buildings and Grounds Email 715-884-5217 x602 Web site
Gressett, Nicole Child Care Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x125
Grossman, Tara Mathematics (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x405 Web site
Hadfield, Stephen Technology Education (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x310 Web site
Hahn, Eric 4th-5th Grade/Writing (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x155 Web site
Hale, Zoe Language Arts (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x504 Web site
Hedstrom, Bonnie 5-8 Grade/Social Studies (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x134 Web site
Heiden, Alex Art Teacher (HS/ES) Email 715-884-2517 x137 Web site
Heinzen, Jacqueline Kindergarten (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x117 Web site
Huser, Cheryl Food Service Assistant Email 715-884-2517 x122
Jones, Chauncey English Language Arts (HS & JH) Email 715-884-6412 x507 Web site
Keding, Ashley 1st Grade Teacher (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x107 Web site
Kissner, Kirsten Child Care Teacher (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x125
Klein, Ron Math Interventionist & 1st Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x251 Web site
Knutson, Elizabeth 6-8 Grade Math (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x136 Web site
Kremer, Candice EC/Special Ed (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x114 Web site
Krueger, James Physical Education (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x244 Web site
Krystowiak, Emily School Counselor (MS & HS) Email 715-884-5223 x430 Web site
Kuehn, Londa 2nd Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x109 Web site
Kumm, Karlette 6-8 Grade Science (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x135 Web site
LaRose, Luanne Speech/Language Pathologist (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x254 Web site
Laprise, Travis English/Language Arts, 6-8 (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x138 Web site
Leigh, Patty Teacher Assistant Email
Lubeck, Jodi Child Care Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x102
Madden, Alexandra Spanish (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x505 Web site
Marino, Emily Child Care Teacher (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x125
Masanz, Mary Lou Health Coordinator/SPED Admin. Assist. Email 715-884-2518 x141
Meissner, Lindsay Agriculture (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x320 Web site
Mileva, Milena Special Ed Aide Email
Molitor, Taylor 5th-8th Grade/ELA (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x145 Web site
Moore, Jodi 1st Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x111 Web site
Nepper, Chris Instructional Technology Director Email 715-884-5225 x217 Web site
Niedfeldt, Leslie Special Education (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x152 Web site
Niehaus, Susanne 3rd Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x103 Web site
Ortner, Morgan Special Ed Aide (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x153
Pearson, Dave Custodian (ES) Email 715-884-2517
Peaslee, Dawn Special Ed Aide Email 715-884-2517 x114
Petersen, Aneva Special Education (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x434 Web site
Petersen, Jennifer Kindergarten (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x113 Web site
Petersen, Marissa Guidance Counselor, 6-8 (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x140 Web site
Piotrowski, Robert Social Studies (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x506 Web site
Porter, Dr. Cynthia Principal (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x406 Web site
Potts, Kaitlyn Teacher Assistant Email
Pralle, Pam Custodian (ES) Email 715-884-2517
Rayburn, Jordan Business Education (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x423 Web site
Rayburn, Justin Physical Education/Health (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x413 Web site
Raygo, Ashley Elementary School Counselor (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x146 Web site
Redmond, Steve Custodian (HS) Email 715-884-6412
Sanken, Todd 4 Year Old Kindergarten (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x116 Web site
Scheunemann, Erin Child Care Teacher (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x102
Schirger, Megan General Music/Choir Director (HS & ES) Email 715-884-2517 x221 Web site
Scholzen, Joe Custodian (ES & HS) Email 715-884-2517
Scholzen, Linda 4K Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x125
Schooley, Cynthia Reading Specialist/Title 1 (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x253 Web site
Schultz, Doug 4th-5th Grade/Science (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x151 Web site
Sherwood, Matthew Director of Special Education & Pupil Services Email 715-884-2517 x255 Web site
Sischo, Heidi 2nd Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x110 Web site
Snook, Andrea Assistant District Bookkeeper Email 715-884-5226 x212
Steward, Todd Science (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x435 Web site
Stone, Brittnee 1st Grade (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x112 Web site
Tesch, Pam Director of Business Services Email 715-884-5221 x211 Web site
Tester, Azizah Food Service Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x122
Van Haren, Kate 4th-5th Grade/Social Studies (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x156 Web site
Vogel, Tasha Child Care Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x102
Wilke, Amy Teaching Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x153
Winters, Rick 5th-6th ELA & JH Phy Ed (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x148 Web site
Zdun, Deb District Administrative Assistant Email 715-884-6694 x210 Web site
Zickert, Gina Special Education (HS) Email 715-884-6412 x434 Web site
Zickert, Karen Teaching Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x153
Zieher, Nancy Teaching Assistant (ES) Email 715-884-2517 x153