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 What is Farm to School?

USDA Farm to School Program

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Wood County is committed to being one of the healthiest counties in the state!

People throughout Wood County are coming together to implement proven strategies to make healthier choices accessible and affordable for all residents. With community support, these strategies can reverse the obesity epidemic and improve health in our communities.


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The Farm to School program enhances existing meal programs in Wood County schools by introducing fresh, nutritious, local, and sustainably grown food to students in elementary school, middle, and high school.

The Farm to School program helps children reconnect with their natural world and strengthens links between the classroom and the community, while fostering a stable market for our local county farmers.



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Pittsville Taste Test Quotes

These are actual quotes from Pittsville students who participated in the Farm to School taste tests.

Tomatoes Taste Test

"I don't think I like tomatoes but I don't remember so I guess I'll try it."

"How do I get this taste out of my mouth?"

"I grow these!"

"I bet my dad knows the farmer who got these. I'm going to ask him. He knows lots of farmers."

"I want 2 more of each. Can I have more than that?"

"These are super."

"I didn't think I liked tomatoes. But I love these."

"Why are they called grape and cherry tomatoes. Do they dip them in cherry and grape juice?"

"These look interesting."

"These are very good. I love that they are local and that so many students are trying them." - Teacher

Carrots and Peppers Taste Test

"These are fantastic."

"Can I get another cup of carrots?"

"These taste different than carrots I eat from the store." - Student, "Do you like these better than the carrots you get from the store?" -Me, "I LOVE these, I only like the ones from the store." - Student

"We always eat carrots in our salads at home."

"I will only eat peppers in food. My mom makes an egg dish and puts green peppers in it. So good!"

"Pretty colors. I will have a cup of vegetables."

"O yum peppers!"

"These are hard and good. What's up doc?"

"I love carrots!"

"I live on a farm. I eat lots of vegetables but carrots are my favorite."

"I'm not a fan of peppers but can I get two cups of carrots please?"

"These are super duper good!"

Baked Potato Taste Test

"The skins are the best part for you."

"I love potatoes."

"I'm eating only half of my potato because I'm so full. But I do love them."

"Everyone try the skins. They are good!"

"These are the best ones I ever had!"

"My favorite part was the skin."

"They are super, super good."

"Thank you very much. It was very tasty."

"Can I have another one?"

"I can have another one! Yes!!"